The Sweetest Plum Podcast
Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell rant, rave and ramble their way through whatever is winding them up this week. Twenty Minutes of barely concealed bitterness, masquerading as social comment from two extremely out of work comedy writers.

Nick may have spent a bit too long listening to classic hits radio. You'll see why.

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Dec returns from an overseas jaunt, while Nick is concerned about his jealousy levels. With thanks to our brand new clothing sponsor, The Invisibales. 

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The final leg of our national tour. Live from Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall.

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Our first live show in Sydney. Thanks to everyone who came.

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This is meant to be a plug for our live shows, but the whole thing gets thrown off track when nick receives an ominous text message.

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Dec's dental bill is in danger of sending him broke, while Nick's brain is danger of sending him over the edge. And we manage to do the longest, most self-indulgent and confusing plug for our live shows. Proudly bought to you by the hottest new app, "Bye Guys".

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Dec and Nick hook themselves up to a very expensive machine with electrodes, then sit back and wait for the television networks to start calling.

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Dec contemplates a new catchphrase, while Nick enjoys the benefit of hindsight. The perfect soundtrack for strongarming beers.

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We return to Nick's Bunglaow/Granny Flat/Depression Hut/Room with No Plumbing, where Nick hatches a new plan to relaunch our entertainment careers.

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Nick and Dec finally manage to meet up in the granny flat behind Nick's new house where there seems to be a few plumbing problems. Proudly bought to you by our brand new sponsor, "Mr Magoo's Paw Paw Ointment"


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We celebrate our 100th episode. Sit on your jacksy and enjoy.

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We toast our 99th episode with a bottle of medium priced Shiraz, but Nick finds that bad song lyrics are shocking him right out of his brain.

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Dec learned how to talk to girls at a nightclub from a guy called Ralph, while Nick learned sex education from a word find puzzle. It explains quite a lot.

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Nick gets more than he wants from his wine tasting, while Dec struggles to brief someone with lies. And they both learnn that sometimes corporate does equal class.

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Nick dreams of spiders. And a spot on a royal commision. Dec just dreams of a computer that doesn't crash. And we play the Sweetest Plum Drinking Game and hope that listeners don't get alcohol poisoning. 

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Dec orders one too many matzo balls, while Nick is off on his Op Shop Odyssey. Recorded live in a rarefied air.

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Nick is not good at going out for breakfast. Or people yawning at him. Or phone sex. But he does look great in tight black jeans.

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Nick and Dec would like to make a full apology for this episode. Please respect their privacy while they spend time with their families on the family property.

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A lot of stuff about parenting. Some stuff about Zebras. And Helicopters. And Matthew McConaughey (but without his bongo drums)

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"Nuthin' wrong with a bit of cullin'"

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It's our first podcast for the year. Now shut up and clap a lot. (This episode comes with a lifetime warranty)

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It's our annual live Christmas show from Trades Hall. With special thanks to Gateso.

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Nick worries about Music festivals, Dec's mate worries about what happened to Jeff Buckley and listeners give some interesting suggestions for the live Christmas show.

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More user generated content from a couple of bloody guns.

Dedicated to Sad Matt

PS - Come see our live Christmas show on December 22, 5PM, Trades Hall. Tickets

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Do your belt up an extra notch... We're going for an arc!

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Guys, this is Lindsay Gaze.

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Nick and Dec hand out some warm fuzzies and cold pricklies

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Nick and Dec first met while writing for Rove, so they tracked Rove down and recorded an episode in his unusually small hotel room. With special thanks to Malik.

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The title makes it sound like an old film noir movie, but it's really not.

Background Reading for this episode: The Encyclopedia of Flowers, Matthew Flinders Cat and 100 Mr Men Books.

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Why Nick wouldn't survive in prison, why Dec should learn to pay his registration on time and why life never turns out like Days of Thunder.

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On our 80th show anniversary, Nick tries a new career, Dec learns a new term and we both experience another traumatic flashback to our previous employer. Proudly bought you by by a very successful and well regarded wholesale butcher.

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Nick launches a literary career and Dec launches a tirade of abuse at a parking inspector. Proudly bought to you by the good people at Woolies in Werribee.

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How to talk to kids. And how to ask for oral sex. (The two topics are completely unrelated)

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Something is rising up through Nick's floor and a fragrant candle may not be enough to fix it.

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Recorded live from the Man Cave.

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Just pumping him up and mucking around and that sort of stuff.

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This week we've been forced to broadcast from an all new locale, although the the exact same things are still winding us up. Proudly bought to you by Maxwell's Marvellous Medicine.

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Dec doorstep is piling up with free food, while Nick's heater might be killing him.

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Sorry for the delay. This is the last one we recorded before Dec disappeared to have a kid...

Dec is confused by maths, Nick is confused by massage, and some kid Dec went to school with is very confused about Frank Sinatra.

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The second live plumcast, recorded at the grand old time of 11pm on a Thursday night, with Dave Quirk, Steven Gates and the wonderful Geraldine Quinn. There is drink involved.

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Recorded in the prime time of 11pm last thursday. It faetures Steven Gates on guitar, Lawrence Mooney on left wing rants and Wilbur Wilde on Alto Sax and very long, but highly amusing Oz Rock anecdotes. Apologies for the occasional buzz and crackle in the audio, the old Commodore 64 had black smoke pouring out of it by the end of the night. There's one more live show to come, this Thursday, April 18 at Trades Hall. You can grab tickets on the door.

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Our resident musician, Steven Gates, invites us into his home and plies us with alcohol. There's bad impressions, arguments about song lyrics and we all end up disclosing our teenage graffiti tags. And Don Henley is somehow implicated in the whole thing.

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There's a brand new plumcast with a special guest coming real soon, but before then, here's a slightly gratuitous piece of self-promotion for our live gigs at Trades Hall for the Melbourne Comedy Festival on April 11 and April 18. Most of it is Nick worrying about whether anyone will turn up, whether it will be any good, or whether he'll just be abused by drunks at the bar. Book tix here..

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Nick is fighting with Foxtel, Dec is fighting with some guy carrying too much mineral water and Rod Stewart's audience are just fighting themselves. All proudly bought to you by your local Sportsbar.

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After almost a year Ryan Shelton lets us back in his kitchen and we waste alot of time thanking him for doing so. Then we spend way too long talking about Pat Cash. The rest of it is pretty much about Nick's paranoid run-ins with members of the public.

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We start off with flat cokes and things sort of go downhill from there.

Proudly bought to you by our newest sponsor, Reeking Ron.

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Beards, babies and big boys placing bets. Proudly bought to you by Extendo Hand.

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Nick tries boiling all his anxiety down to a single high-pitched noise, while Dec shells out hundreds of dollars for a bucks night. And why it's never a good idea to talk about Johnny Pancakes. Hang in their long enough, you can hear Nick's Big Boy fantasy.

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Nick decides this year will be all about the thumb. Dec finds out why all your goods should be sold fully furnished. And we both wonder how the hell to develop a swagger. PS - Sorry this episode is up late, we've thrown in a few extra minutes to make up for it. (Plus it was finished at 2.30am the day Dec came back from holidays and he couldn't be bothered working out which bit to cut out)

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It's the last hours of 2012. Nick wants to crack out the mistletoe one last time. And Dec just wants to buy a safe couch, but it's not as easy as you think.

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We basically spend 40 minutes telling eachother how good the live show was. And Nick may have accidentally discovered his life's calling.

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We did a live show. People turned up. And somehow we didn't completely balls it up. With special guests Stephen Gates and Geraldine Quinn. Special Thanks to ian jackson for mixing and recording the whole thing, and for putting up with our voices burning holes in his ear drums.

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It starts with us promoting our live podcast and ends with the audience spattered in blood.

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We record the episode in Dec's backyard and the neighbours get an unexpected lesson in big boys and glorses.

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Dec gets another bad audition, Nick gets another bad ad, and really you have to wonder, why isn't everyone just kissing? Proudly supported by our new charity partner Sharks with Hearts.

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This week there seems to be a lot of people in a lot of denial.

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Nick learns to keep his eyes on the prize, but unfortunately the prize always seems to involve alcohol. Plus the usual Big Boy sightings.

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Dec learns how to make people like him and Nick learns a new way to play Mario Kart.

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Nick learns that Strawberries aren't meant to be black. Dec learns that there's no point attacking the internet. And Nathan Tinkler learns you can lead a horse to the magic millions but you can't make it win.

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Nick thinks it's best for everyone if his family just send him off to a home around the age of 45.

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We start off tired and then talk for way too long about waterslides.

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Find out how the commercial radio industry runs on cab charges, why you should never take your dumbells to a nightclub and which of the four noble truths involves swallowing bottles of red wine. Proudly bought to you by our favourite new radio station, CAB FM.

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Dec explains how he survived as a young pie boy,  Nick tells the true stroy behind his wonky eye and gradually they both lose the power to speak. And, Do you have what it takes to complete the Big Boy Challenge? This episode proudly bought to you by the power of Raw Power Protein Powder.

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Dec does battle with call centres, while Nick explores a new method of dealing with possums. And Mick Malthouse just wants to keep moving forward.

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Domestic coping, big boy straddling and the adventures of Pud and Mud guts. Proudly bought to you by the good people of

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Nick and Dec get thet their first writing job since being axed off the radio. Things don't start off that well. Plus we find out what happens when a big boy goes out with a big girl.

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Travel Anecdotes punctuated with a couple of cock jokes. That's about it really. And the usual big boy correspondence.

Direct download: A_Slender_Neck_1.mp3
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Topics discussed: Slipknot, Buckethead, homeboys, strip clubs, nightclubs, drink cards and fancy dress parties. It's all bought to you by Big Boy Fries.

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Neck meat, young arsonists and more big boys sightings. And why you should never get your life philosophy from dodgy Indian restaurants.

Direct download: A_Grey_Skin_Bag.mp3
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Nick shows off some of his best pick up lines. Dec gets another audition. And listeners do some more big boy spotting. Plus, Nick shares some helpful hints for putting yoour child to sleep.

Direct download: a_new_direction.mp3
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Nick reclines back and gives Dec advice on showering, speaking and poker playing. The whole thing makes Declan increasingly uncomfortable.

Direct download: Boom_Boom_Pow.mp3
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Nick starts off utterly bereft of hope, but then gets some unexpected news which may change his whole view of the world. And for some reason Dec's dentist thinks he might be disabled. Meanwhile, the show gets a slightly concerning invitation from some listeners.

Direct download: Wet_Weather_Program.mp3
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Nick helps Declan find his inner schlub.

Direct download: No_Schlubs.mp3
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Nick needs someone to tell him what to do. Dec needs a decent audition. They both need a decent slogan to stick on Sweetest Plum T-Shirt. Plus there's a journalist taking notes in the background waiting to stitch them both up.

Direct download: Craving_an_Intervention.mp3
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We got sick of just talking to eachother, so we called up our old friend Ryan Shelton to be on the show. (Also we needed someone with a kitchen because both of ours we being used)

Direct download: Ode_to_Joy_Boys.mp3
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Starts off bathed in autumn sun and ends in total darkness.

Direct download: Honk_if_your_horn_is_broken.mp3
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Nick peruses Dec's Bookshelf and doesn't like what he finds. Plus we learn the subtle difference between a big boy and a joy boy. And find out what happened in the sad tale of Bumblebee.

Direct download: Best_ever_soups.mp3
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It starts off quite nicely and then Nick gets a text message which sends him to a very bad place. There's also some fairly average singing.

Direct download: Plight_of_the_Bumblebee.mp3
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Dec's Catholic guilt and Nick's autumnal melancholy combine to create this very special Easter episode.

Direct download: The_Turbo_Easter_Spectacular.mp3
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The show starts with the worst ever rendition of a David Bowie Song and goes downhill from there. If you make through, there's cool office layouts, fruit warehouse etiquette and why everyone should be driving out of their office with a chocolate cake on the roof. All bought to you by our brand new sponsor

Direct download: Straight_to_the_Shredder_Final.mp3
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There is an absurd amount of discussion about all you can eat restaurants and male sex enhancement medication. That's about it really.

Direct download: Stay_Gold_Johnny_Boy.mp3
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We work through alot of childhood trauma and somehow don't really solve anything.

Direct download: The_Emergency_Underwear_Cupboard.mp3
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Dec explains why the trivia industry is on it's knees. Nick explains why you should be back at work right after giving birth. And we share our top tips on surviving your next health inspection. 

Direct download: The_Ten_Hour_Suit.mp3
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The former Prime Minister and star of Rove, Kevin Rudd, calls in to tell us all about his comeback

Direct download: The_Return_of_Kevin_Rudd.mp3
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We find out what C-list celebrities eat for lunch. And we meet the newest rising star of stage and screen, The Swizzler. Plus, we eavesdrop on a press conference from everyone's favourite AFL operations manager, Adrian Anderson.

Direct download: Our_day_on_a_plate.mp3
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How to mess up your kids. Why directors should carry a second cowboy hat. And why you should never take your dad to the poker tables. Proudly bought to you by the good people at

Direct download: The_Little_Cowboy_Hat_Final.mp3
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Nick gets ripped off by his mechanic. Dec learns why romance doesn't belong at the bowling alley. And former NBL Basketball Legend Dean Uthoff opens a cold fish restaurant. All proudly bought to you by the good people at

Direct download: Bubble_and_Squeak.mp3
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Nick waits for a tow truck driver who never comes. Dec keeps him company with some self indulgent childhood anecdotes.

Direct download: The_Trashcan_Accident.mp3
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There's alot of discussion about Brian McFadden. Please don't let that put you off.

Direct download: Sh1t_on_a_Stick.mp3
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We broke into the house Dec's girlfriend was housesitting to record this. Please don't tell her.

Direct download: Living_the_Dream.mp3
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A bunch of self-indulgent anecdotes to make you feel much better about your own family Chrsitmas. Plus Nick reveals how Shane Warne barbecued his hand and Dec gets his big break auditioning to play a ioaf of bread.

Direct download: The_Accidental_Christmas_Special_SP.mp3
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The evolution of airconditioning. Booze Less Be your Best. Brotherly Bonding. Swimming on the Ceiling. Old Man Moments.

Direct download: Return_to_Durst.mp3
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Mail Order Brides, Motivational Mantras, Beers with Duncan and something called The Sweetmouth Cupboard

Direct download: A_Bone_to_Pick.mp3
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Nick welcomes Dec back into his home. Dec pays tribute to Australian theatre. Nick names his perfect personalised number plate. And together they try to spot the difference between fireworks and lemon chicken.

Direct download: Talk_on_the_Wildside_4.mp3
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For some reason this week's show keeps coming back to noses. There's also stuff about Vanilla Ice, Robert Allenby, Marlon Brando and the Australian Cricket Team and some guy called Ralph.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_On_The_Nose.mp3
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After becoming another dead body on the commercial radio corpse pile, the Sweetest Plum returns to where it all began - Two arseholes yelling into a Mac in their kitchen. They've Learnt Nothing.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_The_Return_2.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:03 AM

Concepts Discussed: Student Theatre, Exploding Seagulls, Pink Party Buses, Coffee Clubs, Traffic Jams, Board Games and Nick's "Worst Character Ever". All text disrupted by N. Maxwell and D. Fay

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_15.mp3
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The wrong way to order a fillet o' fish. The right way to dress like a Prince. The horrible way to traumatise your child like Buster Keaton. Hit The Bricks: Ed Hardy, Andrew Rochford, and Alex Dimitriades. And a drastically misjudged conversation about the film Head On.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_14.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:13 AM

Nick admit's he's never written a book. How much milk is in milk? The return of Garfunkle and Garfunkle. And Hit The Bricks - David Jones, Cenovis and Michael Schumacher

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_13.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:34 AM

Bob Katter speaks out about which way he'll vote.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Katter.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:03 AM

Brighten your day with barefeet and berets, light up your loungeroom with DJ Style Turntables, and why no home is complete without a postmodern motorcycle. Then if all else fails, shut your kids up with some free shit.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_12.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:07 AM

Mark Latham speaks out.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Latham_Final.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:21 PM

Dermott Brereton drops by to do your missus. Nick launches his new game show "Who's got a massive snoz?" And why you should invest every last cent in e_dogs. The show that comes 42 months interest free, until they find you and break your legs.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_11Z.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:48 AM

Tony Abbott tells us why non doesn't always mean no, but sometimes it does mean no, if you know what he means.

Direct download: sweetest_plum_tony_abbott_final.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:05 AM

Kevin Rudd calls in from his hospital bed, after gall bladder surgery to fix those nasty leaks.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Rudd_in_Hospital.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:56 AM

A conga line of arseholes drop by to commiserate our tenth show in a row - Dennis Lillie, Mark Webber, Art Garfunkle, Mel Gibson, Diego Maradonna's dog, while Kirk Pengilly just fucks everything.


Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_10.mp3
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The Longing for Two Laptops. The wise words of Dermott Brereton. AFL players tunnel through shit. Nick Shanghais some roundies. Daryl Somers does it for the nation. Hit the bricks - Chat Roulette, The Eagles and Ridley Scott.

Direct download: The_Sweetest_Plum_Episode_9.mp3
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Frank Lowry gives everyone a great big Pearl Necklace. Hey Hey it's off to LA. Ian Collins covers up his corpse pile. The Return of Rudd PM.  Hit The Bricks - Sepp Blatter, Russell Crowe, Twilight.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_8.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:53 AM

For two years Rudd PM was the all conquering action hero on Rove, now in his darkest hour he gives an exclusive interview to The Sweetest Plum.


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Harry Kewell gets a light tug. Sepp Blatter keeps everyone in suspenders. Nicks Mourn's the Death of the Mixed Business. A Tale of Two Hockey Stores. Feel the Power of Force Feeding. Help me Obi Warwick Kenobe, you're my only hope. All Proudly Bought to you by

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Birrarung Marr - your ultimate family friendly experience. Diego Maradona - A Tale of Two Toilets. Ray Hudson - Greatest Ever Commentator. The tears of a clown in the meat packing district.  Nick opens a big bag of boo hoo on his daily diet. Hit the Bricks - FM Radio and Just for Men.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_6.mp3
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We pay tribute to Dennis Hopper with a five minute long anecdote stolen from Wim Wenders. Nick reviews eight minutes of Hey Hey its Saturday. Why you should always cover your eyes around Maradona. And we find out if all tennis players are sluts.

Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_5a.mp3
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Nick gives Formula One two tiny thumbs up. We discuss DIY Possum Control - All you need is a half eaten peach and a hessian sack. SBS launches it's new show - Ned Zelic in a spa with some hot sluts. What does the death penalty have to do with hungry seagulls? Hit the Bricks: Traffic reporters and Married Couples.



Direct download: Sweetest_Plum_Episode_4a.mp3
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Every Rose has it's own line of sneakers. Max Walker's new book: How to Hurt a Homeless Guy. Jeff Thomson refuses to toe the line. Hit the Bricks: Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe, Tony Abbot and Nick Brack's neck. Harry Kewell's head. The Tyranny of Two Dad's.

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Father can you spare some pink nail polish? The garden salad of good and evil. Win a dream date with Pim Verbeek. Classic Cock Ups: Cats in the Cradle. Boo Hoo: The Horror of Health Reform. Bunnings: Low Self Esteem is Just the Beginning. Hit the Bricks: Melbourne City Council/Ticketmaster.

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We send best wishes to Lil Wayne. Mike Skinner looks better on Youtube. The Joy of Sax. Passive Aggressive Lovemaking. Lowest prices are just the beginning... of your nervous breakdown. Put my hot dog in your hot thing.  Recumbent bicycles.

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