The Sweetest Plum Podcast
Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell rant, rave and ramble their way through whatever is winding them up this week. Twenty Minutes of barely concealed bitterness, masquerading as social comment from two extremely out of work comedy writers.

Implicated in this episode: Window Washers, John Farnham, Sadie the Cleaning Lady, Ben Fordham, Stu Laundy, Frankie J. Holden (or Frank Holden to his colleagues). 


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Proudly Bought to you by Nick, Dec and The Vasect. 

Things discussed/defamed: 

Food trucks, people who drink in parks, Ronaldhino, Apple Store employees, Declan's childhood GP, our previous employer, people who think they add humour to their workplace, heavy metal drummers, anyone who loves talking about how they work in telly. 


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