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Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.

Other possible titles: 

Tipping into Irrelevance, On the edge of the youth zeitgeist, Pumping It up and Mucking Around, The Puppet and the Master, Rated X and It Takes a Village to Raise a Podcast

Outdated references in this episode:

Pearl Jam, Tony Martin and Alex Dimitriades in Wildside, Geppetto, Corey Worthington (Bernardi), The Comedy Company. 


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Other possible titles for the episode: 

Just a Boat Ride, Deliverance Style, Blue Light Disco, The Meaning of DNA, You Don't Complete Me, Car Boot Party. 

Topics discussed: 

George Clooney, Richard Kind, Jerry Maguire, 24 hour Pancake parlour, Ethnic Dad Comma Johnny, Damian Cupido, Burt Reynolds.  

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After a few months off we come back with some big questions: 

Is it okay to rat out your soft mates? Is barracking a form of sexual release? How many times can we discuss "Ethnic Dad, Johnny"? What kind of pranks are George Clooney and Matt Damon actually playing on set? Is Nick a George Clooney apologist? 

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Live from the European Bier Cafe, both of us are unwell, and Steven Gates is extremely hungover, but highlights include Nick's very topical Mary Poppins gangland musical, based on events from 10-15 years ago and his campfire performance of Dave Brubeck's Take Five. 

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A gratuitous promotion for our live gig, Sunday, 31 March, 430 Pm, European Bier Cafe. Plus five tips for getting the most out of your Vanuatu holiday!

With thanks to our brand new sponsor, Penthrox. 

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Nick loves Italian Food, Italian restaurants love Nutella, Nick does not love school reunions, but he loves Jammin'. And everyone loves a pie and sauce. 

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Rejected Episode Titles: 

Third Time’s a Charm, Dedicated to the Boys in Blue, A Shit Ton of Pies, An Underwhelming Existential Nightmare, The Return of Pud and Mudguts and I Can’t Believe I Said That!!!?!

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Implicated in this episode: Copperplate Pencils, The Face Magazine, a kid called Heath, Midnight Oil, Dave Brubeck, Slipknot, Karl Stefanovic, Craig Hutchison, SEN, Kimbo and the Rooch. 

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Ennui: (noun) A feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.

Things contributing to the Ennui: Kane Cornes, AFL Trade Radio, Nick Giannopoulos, Real Estate Agents, Life Insurance Agents, Karl Stefanovic and the Yarbrough Family (otherwise known as the "Yarbies"). 


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