The Sweetest Plum Podcast
Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.
The Accidental Christmas Special

A bunch of self-indulgent anecdotes to make you feel much better about your own family Chrsitmas. Plus Nick reveals how Shane Warne barbecued his hand and Dec gets his big break auditioning to play a ioaf of bread.

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Return To Durst

The evolution of airconditioning. Booze Less Be your Best. Brotherly Bonding. Swimming on the Ceiling. Old Man Moments.

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Mail Order Brides, Motivational Mantras, Beers with Duncan and something called The Sweetmouth Cupboard

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Nick welcomes Dec back into his home. Dec pays tribute to Australian theatre. Nick names his perfect personalised number plate. And together they try to spot the difference between fireworks and lemon chicken.

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On the Nose

For some reason this week's show keeps coming back to noses. There's also stuff about Vanilla Ice, Robert Allenby, Marlon Brando and the Australian Cricket Team and some guy called Ralph.

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After becoming another dead body on the commercial radio corpse pile, the Sweetest Plum returns to where it all began - Two arseholes yelling into a Mac in their kitchen. They've Learnt Nothing.

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