The Sweetest Plum Podcast
Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.

The final leg of our national tour. Live from Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall.

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Our first live show in Sydney. Thanks to everyone who came.

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This is meant to be a plug for our live shows, but the whole thing gets thrown off track when nick receives an ominous text message.

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Dec's dental bill is in danger of sending him broke, while Nick's brain is danger of sending him over the edge. And we manage to do the longest, most self-indulgent and confusing plug for our live shows. Proudly bought to you by the hottest new app, "Bye Guys".

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Dec and Nick hook themselves up to a very expensive machine with electrodes, then sit back and wait for the television networks to start calling.

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Dec contemplates a new catchphrase, while Nick enjoys the benefit of hindsight. The perfect soundtrack for strongarming beers.

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We return to Nick's Bunglaow/Granny Flat/Depression Hut/Room with No Plumbing, where Nick hatches a new plan to relaunch our entertainment careers.

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Nick and Dec finally manage to meet up in the granny flat behind Nick's new house where there seems to be a few plumbing problems. Proudly bought to you by our brand new sponsor, "Mr Magoo's Paw Paw Ointment"


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We celebrate our 100th episode. Sit on your jacksy and enjoy.

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We toast our 99th episode with a bottle of medium priced Shiraz, but Nick finds that bad song lyrics are shocking him right out of his brain.

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Dec learned how to talk to girls at a nightclub from a guy called Ralph, while Nick learned sex education from a word find puzzle. It explains quite a lot.

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Nick gets more than he wants from his wine tasting, while Dec struggles to brief someone with lies. And they both learnn that sometimes corporate does equal class.

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Nick dreams of spiders. And a spot on a royal commision. Dec just dreams of a computer that doesn't crash. And we play the Sweetest Plum Drinking Game and hope that listeners don't get alcohol poisoning. 

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Dec orders one too many matzo balls, while Nick is off on his Op Shop Odyssey. Recorded live in a rarefied air.

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Nick is not good at going out for breakfast. Or people yawning at him. Or phone sex. But he does look great in tight black jeans.

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Nick and Dec would like to make a full apology for this episode. Please respect their privacy while they spend time with their families on the family property.

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A lot of stuff about parenting. Some stuff about Zebras. And Helicopters. And Matthew McConaughey (but without his bongo drums)

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"Nuthin' wrong with a bit of cullin'"

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It's our first podcast for the year. Now shut up and clap a lot. (This episode comes with a lifetime warranty)

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