The Sweetest Plum Podcast
Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.

We basically spend 40 minutes telling eachother how good the live show was. And Nick may have accidentally discovered his life's calling.

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We did a live show. People turned up. And somehow we didn't completely balls it up. With special guests Stephen Gates and Geraldine Quinn. Special Thanks to ian jackson for mixing and recording the whole thing, and for putting up with our voices burning holes in his ear drums.

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It starts with us promoting our live podcast and ends with the audience spattered in blood.

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We record the episode in Dec's backyard and the neighbours get an unexpected lesson in big boys and glorses.

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Dec gets another bad audition, Nick gets another bad ad, and really you have to wonder, why isn't everyone just kissing? Proudly supported by our new charity partner Sharks with Hearts.

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This week there seems to be a lot of people in a lot of denial.

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Nick learns to keep his eyes on the prize, but unfortunately the prize always seems to involve alcohol. Plus the usual Big Boy sightings.

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Dec learns how to make people like him and Nick learns a new way to play Mario Kart.

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Nick learns that Strawberries aren't meant to be black. Dec learns that there's no point attacking the internet. And Nathan Tinkler learns you can lead a horse to the magic millions but you can't make it win.

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Nick thinks it's best for everyone if his family just send him off to a home around the age of 45.

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We start off tired and then talk for way too long about waterslides.

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Find out how the commercial radio industry runs on cab charges, why you should never take your dumbells to a nightclub and which of the four noble truths involves swallowing bottles of red wine. Proudly bought to you by our favourite new radio station, CAB FM.

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Dec explains how he survived as a young pie boy,  Nick tells the true stroy behind his wonky eye and gradually they both lose the power to speak. And, Do you have what it takes to complete the Big Boy Challenge? This episode proudly bought to you by the power of Raw Power Protein Powder.

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Dec does battle with call centres, while Nick explores a new method of dealing with possums. And Mick Malthouse just wants to keep moving forward.

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Domestic coping, big boy straddling and the adventures of Pud and Mud guts. Proudly bought to you by the good people of

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Nick and Dec get thet their first writing job since being axed off the radio. Things don't start off that well. Plus we find out what happens when a big boy goes out with a big girl.

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Travel Anecdotes punctuated with a couple of cock jokes. That's about it really. And the usual big boy correspondence.

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Topics discussed: Slipknot, Buckethead, homeboys, strip clubs, nightclubs, drink cards and fancy dress parties. It's all bought to you by Big Boy Fries.

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Neck meat, young arsonists and more big boys sightings. And why you should never get your life philosophy from dodgy Indian restaurants.

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Nick shows off some of his best pick up lines. Dec gets another audition. And listeners do some more big boy spotting. Plus, Nick shares some helpful hints for putting yoour child to sleep.

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Nick reclines back and gives Dec advice on showering, speaking and poker playing. The whole thing makes Declan increasingly uncomfortable.

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Nick starts off utterly bereft of hope, but then gets some unexpected news which may change his whole view of the world. And for some reason Dec's dentist thinks he might be disabled. Meanwhile, the show gets a slightly concerning invitation from some listeners.

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Nick helps Declan find his inner schlub.

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Nick needs someone to tell him what to do. Dec needs a decent audition. They both need a decent slogan to stick on Sweetest Plum T-Shirt. Plus there's a journalist taking notes in the background waiting to stitch them both up.

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We got sick of just talking to eachother, so we called up our old friend Ryan Shelton to be on the show. (Also we needed someone with a kitchen because both of ours we being used)

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Starts off bathed in autumn sun and ends in total darkness.

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Nick peruses Dec's Bookshelf and doesn't like what he finds. Plus we learn the subtle difference between a big boy and a joy boy. And find out what happened in the sad tale of Bumblebee.

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It starts off quite nicely and then Nick gets a text message which sends him to a very bad place. There's also some fairly average singing.

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Dec's Catholic guilt and Nick's autumnal melancholy combine to create this very special Easter episode.

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Straight to the Shredder

The show starts with the worst ever rendition of a David Bowie Song and goes downhill from there. If you make through, there's cool office layouts, fruit warehouse etiquette and why everyone should be driving out of their office with a chocolate cake on the roof. All bought to you by our brand new sponsor

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There is an absurd amount of discussion about all you can eat restaurants and male sex enhancement medication. That's about it really.

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The Emergency Underwear Cupboard

We work through alot of childhood trauma and somehow don't really solve anything.

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The Ten Hour Suit

Dec explains why the trivia industry is on it's knees. Nick explains why you should be back at work right after giving birth. And we share our top tips on surviving your next health inspection. 

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The Return of Kevin Rudd PM - The Exclusive Interview

The former Prime Minister and star of Rove, Kevin Rudd, calls in to tell us all about his comeback

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Our Day on a Plate

We find out what C-list celebrities eat for lunch. And we meet the newest rising star of stage and screen, The Swizzler. Plus, we eavesdrop on a press conference from everyone's favourite AFL operations manager, Adrian Anderson.

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The Little Cowboy Hat

How to mess up your kids. Why directors should carry a second cowboy hat. And why you should never take your dad to the poker tables. Proudly bought to you by the good people at

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A Full Nervous Breakdown

Nick gets ripped off by his mechanic. Dec learns why romance doesn't belong at the bowling alley. And former NBL Basketball Legend Dean Uthoff opens a cold fish restaurant. All proudly bought to you by the good people at

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The Trashcan Accident

Nick waits for a tow truck driver who never comes. Dec keeps him company with some self indulgent childhood anecdotes.

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Sh*t on a Stick

There's alot of discussion about Brian McFadden. Please don't let that put you off.

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We broke into the house Dec's girlfriend was housesitting to record this. Please don't tell her.

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