The Sweetest Plum Podcast
Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.

Other Possible Titles: 

Twisting the Knife, Grab the Parmagiana by the Tail, The Vasectomy Obsession, Nicotine Dreams. 


Vince Colosimo, Rutger Hauer, Dr Snip, Paul Barry, Paul Eddington

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Other possible titles: 

Tipping into Irrelevance, On the edge of the youth zeitgeist, Pumping It up and Mucking Around, The Puppet and the Master, Rated X and It Takes a Village to Raise a Podcast

Outdated references in this episode:

Pearl Jam, Tony Martin and Alex Dimitriades in Wildside, Geppetto, Corey Worthington (Bernardi), The Comedy Company. 


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