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Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.

It's the cocktail hour, so kick back with a series of liquids and slip an old CD of smooth jazz covers (or in Dec's case Prodigy remixes) into the five stacker. Plus, Nick's full review of Trade Radio's fashion choices, including Damian Barrett's Designer T-Shirts, and Kane Cornes' Hannibal Lecter mask. 

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What we do is really a form of spoken jazz. 

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Discussed/Defamed: Ben Elton, Doug Mulray, Ron Casey, Craig Foster, Fat Chef, Nick Giannopoulos, couples who ride motorbikes together. 

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Implicated in this episode: Channel Ten's Pilot Season, Sam Dastyari, Declan's high school music teacher, the music teachers wife, a kid called Ralphy who played the saxophone in year ten, Blackheart and Sparrows, Radio Hosts who can't stop talking about how much they love their bosses. 

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Implicated in this episode: Wayne Rooney, Robert DiPierdomenico, Craig Foster, Mark Bosnich, Happy Henry and some guy who stared at nick on the tram. Today's episode proudly sponsored by Dr Robert Hand, who's offering all Sweetest Plum listeners a free stomach pump.  

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The brand rises once again, so let's celebrate with a slab of Crownies and a bottle of absinthe. 

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It's the Last Minute Live Show from the Melbourne Comedy Festival, with Nick, Dec and the Vasect. So grab a finger bowl and fill your glass of Savvy B right up to the line. 

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Implicated in this episode: Window Washers, John Farnham, Sadie the Cleaning Lady, Ben Fordham, Stu Laundy, Frankie J. Holden (or Frank Holden to his colleagues). 


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Proudly Bought to you by Nick, Dec and The Vasect. 

Things discussed/defamed: 

Food trucks, people who drink in parks, Ronaldhino, Apple Store employees, Declan's childhood GP, our previous employer, people who think they add humour to their workplace, heavy metal drummers, anyone who loves talking about how they work in telly. 


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Rejected titles for this episode: 

Judgement Night, Don't Spare The Horses, God's Joke on Us, A F*cking Very Big Salary, Three Blokes and a Dog, Rattle and Plum, The Very Model of a Million Dollar Publican. 

Individuals Implicated: Stu Laundy, Sophie Monk, Evil Greg, Dangerous Steve, Our previous employer, Stanley Kubrick, Bono, Edge, U2 and Farinelli. 

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