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In a wild manoeuvre that would horrify our previous employer, we've managed to combine two big spike shows, our Christmas Special and our 150th episode, into one giant double spike. And to top it off, we've may have put a joke on a joke. 

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Implicated in this episode: Humphrey B. Bear, Marco Bresciano, Socceroos, Blackheart and Sparrows, Virgin Wines, Gary Ayres and Grant "Full of Beans" Denyer. 

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Nick and Dec add a touch of class for the penultimate gig at Bella Union. With a special guest appearance from The Cullen Brothers. Thanks to one of the great comedy singers, Steven Gates, for playing with us and thanks to everyone who came along. 

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Declan proves that once and for all the war on drugs was  systematic failure. In fact it should have just been called a war on poor people. 

The Cali Cartel Wikipedia Page

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Beware black crows. And magpies. And plovers. And whatever the hell bird Declan was talking about. And beware parking anywhere near Geoffrey Edelsten. 

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Live from the Basement, Nick and Dec ask themselves, "Why aren't we filming this?"

Individuals implicated this week: Ash Williams, Pat Cash, Warwick Capper, Mark Webber, Karl Stefanovic, and Eddie McGuire.

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Individual's implicated this week: Ash Williams, Jane Campion, Mark Taylor, Pat Cash, Billy Thorpe, Ed Sheeran. Proudly bought to you by Loathing Outwards productions. 

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Issues discussed: The Ghost Containment Unit, Population Control, AFL, Big Boys, Bernard Tomic, Pat Cash, Henri Leconte, Ricky Nixon

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Nick has a very bad cough, but we'll try to put that aside and just do what we do best, like discussing the Hindenburg, Ricky Nixon, and Declan's grandma.

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Sit back and enjoy a Bira Moretti, as we discuss Chinese Medicine, Eddie McGuire and Pat Cash for Comments.  

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People discussed/defamed this week: Steven Gates, Tripod, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Pat Cash and Henri Leconte, Warwick Capper, Ian Baker-Finch and Luke Beveridge's Neck. 

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The 4 week streak comes to an abrupt end, but we move forward. We begin with the basics of human communication, then slow sink down down the passive aggressive plug hole. And we'll trawl through U2 tracks to find the #worstU2Lyric 

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In sporting parlance, we're on a bona fide streak. Topics discussed: Alex Jesaulenko, Luke Beveridge, the Ovens and Murray League, Ivan Lendl, Bono and U2. 

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Topics discussed: Judy Garland, Shane Warne, Nathan Tinkler, Lithuanian Chefs, computer dogs, and the benefits of Chinese Medicine.  

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Hang onto your gallbladders.

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After another long lay off, we've crawled back into the weird bungalow at the back of Nick's house. Bought to you by our new sponsor, Ghost Track, the future of sports betting.

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