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Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.

Our first episode back since The Public Apology. Other possible titles for this episode, "Maxwell's Mistrials", "Fingers in Pies" and "Live from the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber" 

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Live from the Rochester Hotel, Nick and Dec beg for forgiveness. And Thanks to everyone who came along (especial those who were there before 4.30pm).

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For the first time in a very long time, we've managed to post two episodes in the same week. It probably won't happen ever again, just quietly.


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To make up for the months we were away, we've organised a gig for listeners called The Public Apology. It's Sunday, October 16, 500pm at the Rochester Hotel, 202 Johnston St, Fitzroy. And it's five bucks on the door. This episode was meant to promote it, but we forgot to mention it for twenty minutes.

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Rejected names for this episode: Up in The Crawl Space, The Joy Boy Generation, Clash of the OCDs and Slipknot News. Brought to our brand new sponsor, Uder Eats. 

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People implicated in this episode: Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Prince, Andrew Gaze, John Travolta and the entire cast of Wild Hogs (even though we don't know who they are) and some guy just trying to have a coffee, but he's got his kid there.

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Join Nick and Dec for a gentle jog around the botanic gardens. Along the way, we'll run into Mischa Barton, Anthony Kiedis, Christopher Walken and Al Pacino. Just make sure to pack some Zantac and 30 mini-bottles of Cointreau.

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People implicated in this week's episode: Steven Seagal, Erika Eleniak, Eddie McGuire, Nick's Dad, Declan's Dad, Curly Sue and Old Men in Swimming Change Rooms. 

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If Nick and Declan's negligence in not posting an episode for almost six months has hurt or offended anyone, then we wish to make a full, unreserved apology. And thanks to everyone at Crazy Domains for their ongoing support.

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Nick and Dec decide it’s time to relaunch the brand, so they pack it up for prospecting in Sovereign Hill. Absolutely not brought to you in any way by Billy Guyatts.

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Slip on some white shorts and strap a go pro to your kneecap.

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