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Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.

Other possible titles for the episode: 

Just a Boat Ride, Deliverance Style, Blue Light Disco, The Meaning of DNA, You Don't Complete Me, Car Boot Party. 

Topics discussed: 

George Clooney, Richard Kind, Jerry Maguire, 24 hour Pancake parlour, Ethnic Dad Comma Johnny, Damian Cupido, Burt Reynolds.  

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After a few months off we come back with some big questions: 

Is it okay to rat out your soft mates? Is barracking a form of sexual release? How many times can we discuss "Ethnic Dad, Johnny"? What kind of pranks are George Clooney and Matt Damon actually playing on set? Is Nick a George Clooney apologist? 

And please send through your 50 word blurb to describe Nick Maxwell (must contain at least one mention of the word dark). Best blurb wins a "Sweetest Plum Rocks Cumbah Grammar" Sticker.

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