The Sweetest Plum Podcast
Declan Fay and Nick Maxwell host One of the Great Podcasts.

Live from the Rochester Hotel, it's our ten year anniversary show, recorded just before everyone went into lockdown. Features poetic tributes, all year round trade radio, Nick's TV pitches, and a conclusion to the Scott Fisher Arc. 

Thanks to everyone who has listened over the last ten years. 

A Boom Boom Pow







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Other possible titles for this episode: 

Airborne Chilean Beans, Sucking on the Bus Stop Hole, Fisto in the Shoulder, Ready or Not, Aromatic Advertising, The Miseducation of Declan's Osteopath.      

Outdated references: He-Man, Moss-Man, Fisto, The Fugees, Alcopops, Margaret Court. 

Plus we talk a lot about what might happen for ten year gig/Episode 180/Friday the 13th March. Grab tickets here. 


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In another brand new podcast rebrand, Nick shows you why he's smart, and why he knows business. 


Buy tickets to our ten year anniversary gig on Friday March 13 at the Rochester Hotel.


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